Biffco is the first manufacturer of insulated Advanced frame systems (AFS). Using our proprietary design, AFS transforms wall components into insulated systems with advanced SHEAR, COMPRESSION, and TRANSVERSE strength.

The Biffco AFS consists of shop fabricated, insulated, box-section OSB components assembled into rigid wall panels. The patented technology combines the best features of traditional wood framing techniques with solutions to today’s ever-increasing demands for build quality and construction productivity.

What Does Biffco Prefab Wall Panels Mean

Shop fabricated

Insulated components for better energy efficiency

No warping or twisting of framing components

Openings that are true and square

No waste on site

Reduced thermal bridging

Up to 40% better RSI than lumber

Tested and certified structural ASTM-E72

45 minutes rated wall assembly to ULC S101

Cost-effective for today’s economy

Meet and exceed energy codes

Range of service options to suit your project needs

What BIFFCO Can Build

• Garages and garage kits

• High-quality tiny homes

Storage units on skids

• Cottages

• Laneway homes

• Homes on acreage

• Pre-fab walls for builders of multi-family

• Remote pre-fab projects

Why Build With BIFFCO

Tested and proven superior framing

Biffco has spent over 3 years developing, testing and proving in the field our patent framing system. The required structural and fire testing have been accomplished with complete success at a certified testing facility to ensure code compliance, safety requirements, and superior quality.

Green using O.S.B (oriented strand board)

Contrary to the traditional method in home construction of using dimensional lumber made of older trees, Biffco uses O.S.B which is a truly sustainable green building product.

How To Build With BIFFCO

Bring your plans or come “play and design” with us

If you already have a set of plans, we can give you a quote in a short time.

You might already have your dream plan in your head but need to put it on paper.

To visualize and touch it, you can use our 3-D scale model design system where you can start the initial concept at no charge.

Come Play, Design And Build With BIFFCO

BIFFCO YouTube Channel (More To Come)